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Air Liquide Medical Systems

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Air Liquide Medical Systems

Expert division
for medical devices



Controlled suction

Alize is a vacuum regulator that is used to accurately adjust suction from a hospital pipeline vacuum system. It enables fluids and secretop,s from the patient to be extracted safely and is particularely useful for clearing the respiratory tract. Alize's design both makes it easy for caregivers to use and enhances medical hygiene.
Easy to use
  • Status of device immediately visible in the display windows
  • Easy setting thanks to the dual scale mbar/mmHg gauge to implement protocols without errors
  • On/Off button allows unit to be started and stopped instantly without losing setting
  • Compact design for use in restrictive enrionments (e.g operating theatre, ceiling column, emergency trolley)
  • Force and speed regulated with precision: a full range meeting the different clinical needs
  • One model specifically designed for low clinical suction requirements (low vacuum/low flow regulator)
Safe and hygienic
  • Control button automatically disengaged once full power is reached
  • Optimum protection of the vacuum netword using the ALIZE two-in-one (hydrophobic and bacteriological) filter
  • Rugged housing with flat and smooth surfaces, easy for day-to-day cleaning

Alize brochure

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Legal Notice

The ALIZE™ vacuum regulator is a medical suction device for professional use in hospitals and A&E departments. This device is used for precise adjustment and regulation of vacuum pressure from a standard vacuum outlet, supplied by a vacuum source. It can be used to suction patients’ body fluids and secretions during surgical procedures, to clear the upper airways and for gastric drainage.

Medical device class IIa - CE0459 - Manufacturer : Air Liquide Medical Systems
Consult related instructions for use
Distributed by Air Liquide Medical Systems, Antony. RCS Nanterre 348 921 735


  • A specific model for each clinical suction requirement
  • Alize 250 20L: Tracheal and pharyngeal suctioning in neo-natal and paediatric care
  • Alize 250: Drainage and nasogastric suctioning
  • Alize 600: Adult tracheal and pharyngeal suctioning
  • Alize 1000: Emergency care and surgical suctioning
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