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Air Liquide Medical Systems

Expert division
for medical devices

Air Liquide Medical Systems

Expert division
for medical devices



Here we are... we have arrived at a very particular milestone that really involves us all. ALMS is ten years old!

In 2009, the three companies of the Air Liquide Group, the manufacturers of medical devices (let's remember them: Taema in France, Markos Mefar in Italy and Electrocare in India) came together under a single name and logo: Air Liquide Medical Systems.

Since then many successes have been achieved, changes are still going fast and the protagonists of a tangible evolution are all the people who, over  these 10 years, have contributed to every single project, program, activity with great commitment, certainly alternating moments of enthusiasm to some of lower energy but always maintaining a high level of engagement.

But why in 2009 was it decided to create the Air Liquide  medical material activity by changing the names of the companies belonging to it?

The answer is simple: to find an advantage in the brand and in the strength of a large international group, a leader recognized as a primary player also in the Healthcare field,  where the three companies and their expertise could play a significant role creating innovative but simple solutions, thanks to continuous research and collaborations with the clinical world. So we became Air Liquide Medical Systems as a promising activity belonging to Air Liquide Healthcare, the Air Liquide expert division for medical devices.

Many new and extremely innovative products have so far  been designed and developed, easy and intuitive to use. We remember only a few of them: Monnal T75 and Monnal T60 with CPV, Orion, the most recent Vendom, but we have been keeping on improving our full offer in ventilation and intensive care, developed many novelties also for the range of devices for medical gases, Compact TAKEO is an example. Moreover we launched  RESPIREO, a line of masks for non-invasive ventilation, and new devices also in drug delivery systems such as Rinowash and Spatial Up.  

Besides,  we have also significantly expanded our company’s organisation  with new branches and offices in the world, getting Eove’s acquisition and at last creating  a network where collaboration and synergies are more and more growing and evolving.

Such a huge job!

None of us stayed out of this journey. Each of us is present in every single action, product and success always at the side of our patients, customers, partners and several inspirers!

And now…here we are in 2019, ALMS is People as ever…. All together from Asia to Europe and LATAM, building a future based on an even stronger commitment thanks to our values that inspire and guide us in the daily work: innovation, simplicity, quality, team spirit, commitment … an excellent mix to always find satisfaction in who we are, why and what we do, engaged for people who strive for life.

So…let’s celebrate our 10th Anniversary and  retrace our history: it's worth it!