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Customer information regarding ALMS respiratory solutions available to treat infected patients.

Since December 2019, COVID-19 is responsible for a cluster of atypical cases of pneumonia that have spread both within and beyond China, and the World Health Organization has declared this a public health emergency.

Recent publications on COVID-19 epidemic highlight a potential shortfall of ICU beds in order to treat large population of infected patients with invasive breathing support.

With the present communication, we would like to inform you about Air Liquide Medical Systems breathing support solutions to deliver invasive ventilation with Monnal T60 and EOVE-150. 

Both ventilators are equipped with blower technology and therefore offer portability and air autonomy as they do not need compressed air gas when used in emergency wards.

Compact and easy to use Monnal T60 and EOVE-150 ventilators offer wide range of ventilation modes (ACV, PACV, PSV, SIMV) with FiO2 gas mixture from 21% to 100% for MT60 and 21% to 65% for EOVE-150*.

In mobility, each device is equipped with integrated and auxiliary battery.

For more information, see the document below.