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Air Liquide Medical Systems

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Pressure regulator for double stage network

Damao is an essential device for double stage network standard. This pressure regulator allows the safe pressure reduction of medical gases from medium to low pressure and the network back-up in case of an emergency.
It is available with a single or double pressure reducer, for greater safety.
Damao 4 or 8 bar double pressure reducer
Optimum safety
  • Safety plate: continuous supply, a network shut-off is impossible
  • 2 pressure gauges: 1 upstream and 1 downstream, colour-coded to facilitate pressure control
  • The cover protects against chock and dust
  • Quick and easy action in case of emergency
Unrivalled simplicity
  • On/Off in just one action
  • Compatible with all gases
  • Easy and foolproof reversal of gas flow direction
  • Optimised space: compact, lightweight with simplified installation
Damao design protective cover
Easier maintenance
  • Control lever for fast action in a single motion
  • Interchangeable pressure reduction module, positioned vertically, no risk of falling
  • Continuous gas distribution because modules can be maintained separately

Devices for medical gas pipeline systems catalogue

PDF - 22.8 MB

Legal Notice

The DAMAO™ second pressure line regulator is intended for use in medical fluid systems in hospitals. Its function is to reduce the pressure of gases (from the primary network between 8 and 10 bar) to the standard pressure of the medical connector (4 to 5 bar, or 8 bar for driving air). DAMAO™ is intended for use by technical and medical staff who are trained or authorized for the installation, maintenance, upkeep and use of medical gas networks.

Medical device class IIb - CE0459 - Manufacturer : Air Liquide Medical Systems
Consult related instructions for use
Distributed by Air Liquide Medical Systems, Antony. RCS Nanterre 348 921 735


  • High performance for gas network
  • Intuitive use: 3 gas flow configurations for continuous supply to the network
  • Maintenance is facilitated by the control levers
  • Safety plate: prevents forgetting and mistakes
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