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Air Liquide Medical Systems India

Expert division for medical devices

Air Liquide Medical Systems India

Expert division for medical devices



Simplicity to the power of XT

eXtend XT has been developed to enhance a wide range of treatments for critical-care patients. Its user-friendly interface and wide screen make it easy and safe to use. EXtendXT has a large range of monitoring capacities like lung recruitability evaluation to assist in the diagnosis and decision-making process for the most critical patients.
Critical care
  • Patients from newborns to adults Invasive and non-invasive ventilation: automatic leak compensation
  • Complete range of ventilation modes including VCV, PSV, Duo-Levels, APRV, MRV ( ALMS innovation), PRVC.
Functional exploration
  • 15-inch screen for comfortable reading
  • Automatic compliance and resistance measurement Total PEEP, Auto-PEEP, plateau pressure
  • Display of four simultaneous curves: realtime curves and loop curves Weaning index: P0.1, RR/Vt

Extend brochure

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  • Integration into intensive care unit
  • Patient safety
  • Advanced patient monitoring and data recording
  • A diagnosis tool
  • Trating all types of patients
  • Considering all treatment strategies
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    Innovation is central to Air Liquide Medical Systems’ products. Our priority is to contribute to the quality of care by optimizing patient comfort and simplifying the use of our products.

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    Air Liquide Medical Systems has a 40 year history of listening to its customers and working with healthcare professionals. We create solutions that keep up with the changes in medical practice.

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    Safety, Quality and Environment We design our products based on ensuring safety and quality in respect of patients, users and employees, and regulatory compliance. Air Liquide Medical Systems is committed to reduce its environmental impact.

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    Proximité et réactivité: dans toutes les situations, notre hotline et nos équipes techniques locales mettent leur expertise à votre service. Ils vous aident à garantir la sécurité de vos patients et la meilleure performance de votre matériel.

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    Made In France

    Most of our products are desgined and manufactured by Air Liquide Medical Systems in France

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