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Air Liquide Medical Systems India

Expert division for medical devices

Air Liquide Medical Systems India

Expert division for medical devices



Marked by simplicity

A ventilator is a life-saving equipment. This means that ICU staffs need real-time information in order to make the right decision. The Orion-G comes with a 7” TFT colour touch-screen that can display up to 4 curves, along with a host of monitored parameters. Also its highly responsive touch-screen and its encoder knob helps you choose and set your parameters in a safe, quick and easy way.

The Orion-G has three time-based curves and three loops which you require – P/V, P/F and V/F. Should you wish to analyze the patient’s progress, the Orion-G gives you the option to freeze the loop through its ‘Freeze’ function.

The Orion-G also has trend analysis of 15 patient parameters for 72 hours.
Designed for you

The Orion-G is a ventilator that is designed by you, for you. The graphical screen, the touch-setvalidate operation, the modes and the parameters are all designed keeping in mind your requirements for a ventilator that you can trust.

What’s more, the Orion-G is rugged and hassle-free, meaning that the biomedical team will find it easy to carry out all the necessary preventive maintenance interventions.

A symbol of quality

The Orion-G is a CE-marked ventilator. This carries with it the symbol of quality, which is unique to this segment.


Performance you need

Non-invasive ventilation
NIV with PS-PEEP is available as a dedicated function. NIV in Orion-G offers ventilation with leak compensation. The RSBI can also be monitored with ease during NIV.

Monitoring parameters
The Orion-G gives you a range of monitoring parameters which will help you offer the best care for your patients. Weaning parameters like the Rapid Shallow Breath Index and the Occlusion Pressure provide you with the right information to take the right decision regarding the patient’s prognosis.



  • Touch-screen
  • Non-invasive mode
  • CE mark
  • Improved patient comfort