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The EO-70’s coaching function

The secretion management device EO-70, thanks to its design and its HD graphic interface, offers patients and caregivers an ease of use experience. The coaching function, now available with the EO-70, goes even further in supporting the patient’s therapy.

The coaching function is an interactive pedagogic tool to ensure a better adherence to therapies. 
Simplifying education, this function aims to improve patient acceptance.
New visuals aids developed to motivate the patient during his therapy.

What is it exactly ?  

In INEX mode (mechanical in-exsufflation)

The aim of this function is to assist the cough. 
The exchange of air flow between the chameleon and the balloon will allow the patient to synchronize himself with the therapy. 
Indicators on top will help him to check the progress of the therapy. 

In IPPB (Intermittent positive pressure breathing)

The aim of this function is to increase the respiratory capacity of the patient
The chameleon will grow and change color to motivate the patient accordingly.