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Air Liquide Medical Systems

Expert division
for medical devices

Air Liquide Medical Systems

Expert division
for medical devices



New medical inspiration

With its design and intuitive graphic user interface EOVE-150 ventilator combines efficient therapy and ease of use for clinicians and care givers.

Monitoring and therapy solution

The EOVE-150 allows clinicians to monitor their patients' vital constants and create associated alarms for greater safety and effectiveness.

The EOVE-150 ventilator offers a wide range of configurations:

  • simple and double branch,
  • with valve and with leaks,
  • including a large choice of ventilation modes.

Based on an innovative blower design with fast response time down to 80ms, EOVE-150 ventilator offers best in class ventilation features for pediatric and adult patients with smart sensitive triggers and a wide range of tidal volume from 30 to 2500ml.

Combining single or double branch circuit with tidal volume down to 30 ml and respiratory rate up to 80 bpm, EOVE-150 ventilators offers great performance to treat newborn patient.

Intuitive graphic user interface and ease of use

  • 7’ colour touch screen
  • Intuitive and responsive settings based on patient profile, his interface and circuit configuration
  • Backup up to 4 programs
  • Ventilation modes according to the pathological profile of the patient and the treatment needed
  • Program accessible from the patient screen


By connecting the EOVE-150 to a simple internet box, providers and clinicians can use the EO-Servicing platform to:

  • Control the effectiveness of ventilation in the patient’s home,
  • Download patient data,
  • Maintain control of the ventilators via access to a fully secure server.

EO-Clinical Software allows clinicians to study ventilation data in the form of 24-hour detailed curves and trend graphs.

Freedom and mobility

The EOVE Click & Go Concept based on swappable EO-Vent Module offers a wide variety of mobility solutions.

  • 1.8 kg
  • 6 hours of built-in autonomy
  • Avoids the risk of disconnection
  • Without interruption of treatment

EOVE-150 Brochure

PDF - 2.43 MB

EOVE 150 Clinician Pocket guide

PDF - 3.89 MB

EOVE 150 Patient Pocket guide

PDF - 1.04 MB

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    Innovation is central to Air Liquide Medical Systems’ products. Our priority is to contribute to the quality of care by optimizing patient comfort and simplifying the use of our products.

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