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Air Liquide Medical Systems

Expert division
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Air Liquide Medical Systems

Expert division
for medical devices


Monnal T75

Tailor-made breathing

Meeting your requirements Monnal T75 is the result of over 30 years experience in artificial patient ventilation. Its wide range of modes and its characteristics make it an ideal unit for the treatment of adult, child or infant patients. This ventilator combines both ease of use and patient comfort. It makes the work of the medical staff easier and can be used even in the most complex situations. The integrated turbine technology provides air autonomy adding enhanced mobility to the ventilator, while ensuring high-quality non-invasive ventilation.
HFOT infography

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High Flow Oxygen Therapy 

Nasal High-Flow Oxygen Therapy delivers an accurate FiO range, while preserving moisture and temperature conditions of the lung similar to spontaneous breathing


Non Invasive Ventilation

Implementing non-invasive ventilation is a decisive step in patient's acceptance of the treatment. Placing the mask and finding the most comfortable settings for the patient are amongst the challenges faced by carers.
Patient comfort is optimised with Monnal T75, the ventilator responds immediately to the efforts of patients in severe decompensation, through fine detection of patient triggers.

Turbine technology

The combination of the turbine and the integrated proportional valves generate high flow rates, provide effective leaks management and meet patient needs while operating in a silence environment.


Bronchospasms can be managed more effectively using the nebuliser function, which keeps the same ventilation settings and ensures synchronisation of drug distribution during each patient inspiratory cycle.

Invasive Ventilation

Protective ventilation is required for critical patients. Monnal T75 provides support for carers in their treatment approach, from intubation to weaning and extubation.


Volumetric Capnography

In order to ensure the correct intubation of a patient and also to follow his metabolic progress, Monnal T75 CO2 sensor uses mainstream technology, providing immediate responses to carers. This function is used to monitor CO2 production, lung perfusion and alveolar ventilation with the following parameters: etCO2, VmCO2, Vmalv, Vdaw, Vdaw/Vt, CO2 slope.

Respiratory and diagnostic monitoring

In single step, carers can monitor the changes in their patients' lung mechanics using key functionalities such as Pplat, R&CStat and Auto-peep.
Measures such as P0.1, NIF, WOB and f/Vt provide additional information and, combined with loop curves and volumetric capnography, medical staff can adjust their ventilation strategy in real-time.

PS-PRO : A self-adapting mode for patient recovery

PS PRO is a unique mode specifically designed to assist patient recovery.
Its self-adapting behavior offers safe, continuous and confortable ventilation.
Using PS PRO medical staffs are free to focus more on delivering care to the patient.




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Monnal T75 Brochure

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    Innovation is central to Air Liquide Medical Systems’ products. Our priority is to contribute to the quality of care by optimizing patient comfort and simplifying the use of our products.

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    Air Liquide Medical Systems has a 40 year history of listening to its customers and working with healthcare professionals. We create solutions that keep up with the changes in medical practice.

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    Safety, Quality and Environment: we design our products based on ensuring safety and quality in respect of patients, users and employees, and regulatory compliance. Air Liquide Medical Systems is committed to reduce its environmental impact

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