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Air Liquide Medical Systems

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Air Liquide Medical Systems

Expert division
for medical devices



The all-in-one aerosol unit for the family

The powerful compressor and the high technology of the equipped nebulizers make Nebula a reliable and complete solution for the treatment of both upper and lower airways. As best solution for treating the indicated respiratory pathologies locally, Nebula provides a professional drug delivery performance for all family members, adults and children.

RinoAPP is an application for smartphones and tablets that offers interactive contents for children undergoing a topical therapy to the upper airways with Rinowash.

Download the App and Dr Rino, the seahorse, will advise children how to perform the treatment correctly and easily.

Rino app
Therapy Indications

Thanks to the two special nebulizers, Nebula covers a complete treatment of the full respiratory tract.
Please see indications specified for Rinowash (Upper Respiratory Airways) and Nebula Spacer (Lower airways).



Nebula comes with different nebulizers according to the different therapy needs.

  • Rinowash is a micronized nasal douche specific for delivery of the drug in the upper respiratory tract. Particles are sized specifically (18µm) for optimal deposition in the nasal cavity.
  • Nebula Spacer is a breath enhanced nebulizer, for a fast and efficient drug delivery in the lungs. Nebula Spacer is fitted with a volumetric mouth mask to improve therapy effectiveness by reducing drug’s dispersal in the environment. Nebula Spacer is conceived for cooperating patients and replaces the traditional mouthpiece.
  • A paediatric nose-mouth mask is available for to administer the treatment with to non cooperating children.

Aerosoltherapy Brochure

PDF - 1.51 MB

Nebula Instruction

PDF - 1.1 MB

Nebula Instruction 2

PDF - 1.2 MB

Informationen zur Erfüllung der quantita­­tiven Zielvor­gaben nach § 10 Abs. 3 ElektroG (Sammelquote) und § 22 Abs. 1 ElektroG (Verwertungs­­quoten):

Das Ministerium für Umwelt, Natur­schutz und nukleare Sicher­heit veröffentlicht jährlich ausführ­liche Daten zu Elektro- und Elektronik­­geräten und die in Deutsch­land erreichten und an die EU-Kommission zu übermittelnden quantita­­tiven Zielvor­gaben auf seiner Internet­­seite: „Informations­pflichten gemäß § 18 Abs. 2 Elektro- und Elektronik­gerätegesetz:


  • Complete treatment of upper and lower airways
  • Fast and efficient therapy
  • Low drug dispersal
  • Very reliable and long lasting
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