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Air Liquide Medical Systems

Expert division
for medical devices

Air Liquide Medical Systems

Expert division
for medical devices


New Voyage

The compact aerosol unit for lower airways

New Voyage is a comfortable and easy aerosol unit with a simple equipment to facilitate the setup of an effective treatment. The compact design makes New Voyage very practical and suitable for easy treatments everywhere.
Therapy Indications

Specifically conceived for treatment of the lower airways disorders.


New Voyage is equipped with:

  • Mefar 2000 is a breath enhanced nebulizer delivering a consistent particle size (<5µm) for targeted delivery to the lungs. This feature enables to speed up the therapy and ensures a consistent deposition in the lower respiratory tract.
  • Mouthpiece, adult mask and paediatric mask are included in the package.

Aerosoltherapy brochure

PDF - 1.51 MB

Informationen zur Erfüllung der quantita­­tiven Zielvor­gaben nach § 10 Abs. 3 ElektroG (Sammelquote) und § 22 Abs. 1 ElektroG (Verwertungs­­quoten):

Das Ministerium für Umwelt, Natur­schutz und nukleare Sicher­heit veröffentlicht jährlich ausführ­liche Daten zu Elektro- und Elektronik­­geräten und die in Deutsch­land erreichten und an die EU-Kommission zu übermittelnden quantita­­tiven Zielvor­gaben auf seiner Internet­­seite: „Informations­pflichten gemäß § 18 Abs. 2 Elektro- und Elektronik­gerätegesetz:


  • Good bronchial deposition
  • Conveniently priced
  • Handy and lightweight
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    Innovation is central to Air Liquide Medical Systems’ products. Our priority is to contribute to the quality of care by optimizing patient comfort and simplifying the use of our products.

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    Air Liquide Medical Systems has a 40 year history of listening to its customers and working with healthcare professionals. We create solutions that keep up with the changes in medical practice.

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    Safety, Quality and Environment: we design our products based on ensuring safety and quality in respect of patients, users and employees, and regulatory compliance. Air Liquide Medical Systems is committed to reduce its environmental impact.

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    Local and responsive Whatever the situation, you can always count on the expertise of our hotline and our local technical teams. They will help you ensure the safety of your patients and get the best performance out of your equipment.