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Air Liquide Medical Systems

Expert division
for medical devices

Air Liquide Medical Systems

Expert division
for medical devices

Our customer service

By your side to meet your needs

Ready to meet your needs

The entire Air Liquide Medical Systems team is available to ensure you are completely happy using your equipment.

We can guarantee the performance of your equipment, take care of your maintenance requirements, ensure traceability of operations carried out at your site and keep control of your expenses.

Our staff are trained and qualified; they ensure the effectiveness of the manufacturer's guarantee in accordance with the requirements of an ISO 13485 quality system.

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Assistance and expertise

We are always available to examine any specific requests, to provide on-site services and to give rapid expert advice.

You can reach our hotline by calling us by phone: +33 179 51 7001


With over 40 years of experience in the world providing services to Medical Actors, Air Liquide Healtcare accompanies you to use and to take care of your devices

Our highly-qualified team stays at your disposal to operate and maintain your equipment , ensuring you are fully compliant with medical standards.


  • Ensuring patient's safety is our first priority
  • Ensuring your equipments are used and maintained according to our manufacturer's specifications.
  • Ensuring a long way of life of your device within optimized Total Cost of Ownership