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Acute respiratory insufficiency


Respireo Hospital F non vented reusable

Facial mask for multi-patients usage in the hospital

Respireo Hospital F NV Reusable is a reusable mask which was specially developed for a multiple-patients use in hospital environment.
  • Provides non-invasive efficient and comfortable ventilation
  • Guarantees complete safety for the user
  • Protects the environment
Compatibility with ventilators 

Respireo hospital F non vented reusable brochure

PDF - 24.45 MB


User Manual Respireo Hospital F Non Vented reusable 1/2

PDF - 946.33 KB


User Manual Respireo Hospital F Non Vented reusable 2/2

PDF - 1.38 MB

Legal Notice  

Please read user manual. 
Medical device class IIa CE 0051 manufactured by Air Liquide Medical Systems S.r.l.
Distributed by Air Liquide Medical Systems S.A.

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