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Air Liquide Medical Systems

Expert division
for medical devices

Air Liquide Medical Systems

Expert division
for medical devices

Respireo SOFT Facial

Simplicity in comfort

The Respireo SOFT Facial mask is a nice and lightweight fullface mask. It is designed for adult patients treated with CPAP or non-invasive ventilation.

This new face mask from the Respireo range has the following features:


  • Optimal comfort thanks to its SOFT cushion technology: it maximises the balance between softness and firmness, ensuring an optimal sealing even with high pressures
  • Development in close partnership with experts
  • Lightness: 113 g
  • The softness of the frontal support, the positioning of the hooks close to the face and the cushion silicone bumper allow both optimal sealing and stability

Ease of use and installation

  • Quick and easy to install, wear and clean
  • Easy assembling and disassembling
  • Mistake-proofing system on the cushion
  • Preservation of the headgear’s settings (pull the headgear off through the notches of the forehead support and the hooks on the lateral arms)

In order to choose the best size of SOFT Facial, you can print and use this sizing gauge.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Respireo SOFT Facial mask installation and user guide

Respireo SOFT Facial mask installation guide

Legal Notice

Respireo SOFT Facial is a reusable oro-nasal mask with calibrated exhaletion orifices (Vented) designed to be used by a single patient at home or by multiple patients in a hospital setting.
Respireo SOFT Facial is intended to be used by adult patients (weighing over 30 kg), who have been prescribed non-invasive positive pressure ventilation therapy (NIPPV), e.g. continuous positive airway pressure therapy (CPAP) or Bilevel (positive airway pressure therapy - BiPAP).

Please read the instructions for use.
Medical device class Ila CE0051, manufactured by Air Liquide Medical Systems S.r.l.
Distributed by Air Liquide Medical Systems S.A

Brochure Respireo SOFT Facial ENG

Respireo SOFT Facial - Brochure

PDF - 1.1 MB

Respireo Soft Facial - User manual

PDF - 3.8 MB

UM Respireo Soft Facial Non Vented ALH_062021

Respireo Soft Facial non vented - User manual

PDF - 3.23 MB

Decontamination, disinfection and sterilization guide for masks

PDF - 2.72 MB